About APC

Welcome to Avalon Pregnancy Coaching (APC,) a division of Magic of Motherhood (www.magicofmotherhood.com). Magic of Motherhood was started in the early 90’s by Dr. Jill Chasse, and provides childbirth education certification in the Baby-Empowered Birthing Education method (www.BEBEchildbirth.com) and other childbearing year classes online through Wise Woman University (www.wisewomanuniversity.org), as well as pregnancy, birth and child development books and publications.

APC is the professional coaching practice of Dr. Chasse, providing support through the childbearing year.  Dr. Chasse has recently returned to practice after years in research and medical education and curriculum development . Trained and educated in maternal/child health as well as counseling, coaching and leadership, she is happy to get back to working with families.

Having attained 6 degrees while working, Dr. Chasse is both experienced and well educated. She has studied and worked in public health, psychology, midwifery, health administration, and maternal/child wellness.  Professionally, Jill Chasse has worked on major studies for the Department of Health and Human Services, has been a healthcare analyst for TRICARE, a program manager for the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, Study Manager for the NIH National Children’s Study, Family Services Director of the SIDS foundation and more. She has led support groups, directed organizations, led seminars, and designed maternal/child health programs in both the public and private sector.

After her own significant life changes, Jill decided to follow her calling and go back to working with mamas and babes.  She named APC after her daughter Ava(lon) and the Celtic Avalonian tradition of women centered focus and female empowerment.

opening page

“The Ways of Avalon have not been forgotten. They have slumbered in the psyche of all women, awaiting, perhaps, a time to reemerge. A time when, once again, Avalon may serve as a path of healing, of empowerment, of self discovery. A time when a woman, dedicated to her personal growth, can once again climb the Tor¹s spiraled path and find the Goddess within.” – Sisterhood of Avalon






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