Coaching Services

Pregnancy coaching helps shape a mom’s behavior to help her manage her physical and mental health, baby’s development, and lifestyle choices that affect their health and wellness.

  • Guided preconception planning and fertility coaching
  • Learn positioning, comfort measures, relaxation and breathing for birth
  • Develop a strong relationship with your baby with prebirth bonding
  • Reduce birth fear, anxiety or ambivalence
  • Gain support in breastfeeding
  • Work on sibling support and introduction exercises
  • Learn about infant care and development
  • Design a Blessingway or rite of passage ceremony
  • Get assistance in choosing care providers and making informed health decisions
  • Work through the new and changing feelings and emotions of being a new mom
  • Healing after a traumatic birth or unexpected situation

Grief and bereavement support offered as well for perinatal loss

Pregnancy coaching is focused on empowering, motivating and educating and HELPS EASE A WOMAN INTO THE TRANSITION OF BEING A MOTHER



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Individual Coaching:

  • $100.00 per 1 hour session – Package rate: 6 sessions: $500.00
  • 30 minute telephone coaching sessions- $50 – Package rate for 6: $250

Postpartum Care Package

Complete form below for inquiries or to set up a session.

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